Rindu Itu Nikmat

Have you ever missed someone and felt terrible?
Because you think he doesn't miss you

Missing someone is a terrible I guess
But at the same time, it's sweet feeling laaaahh.. .

Thinking if his ever cares about me?

Rushing to the phone once it rings
and hoping that it's him .. .

Sitting in front of televesion
But thinking of him
Missing the final episode of my favourite show ;) 

Last night I was lies on my bed
Thinking of the last time we met at JAKIM ... .hhehe

Sometimes thinking of how nice it will be
To sit by your side,clutched close your hand and express that I love you soo much
wanna tell you about my dreams, plans , future

Thinking how romantic we're when we spent time together
(I nak gy I-City ngan u, sayang)

Im logging on to my FB
hoping you will appear and say 'hye, sayang' to me ;)
Then, when you are online and did not say anything to me
I will start worrying .. wwuwuwuuu
And I will start greet first .
But I don't mine .
Maybe you're just busy to serve comment yours .

Missing is a way of growing up I guess
It exposes me to loneliness
It teaches me how to cope with being lonely .. Super duper lonely !
And let me know that there is actually a feeling kown as

Sometimes it feels good to miss someone
I know that I really care and indulge in the feeling of loving, caring for him 

So, I decide if I missing him I really want him to know
I don't want let the feeling missing of him become 
paranoia. (Hahaha)

Sayang, if you miss me please let me know !
I love to be miss by you .

p/s : membebel jela .. hari nih kurang sihat..takde mood sangat..
selsema, pening pale ! adoiiiiiii
pelliiiiiiiiiiiis laaaa i dont want to get a fever !


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